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“Daniela is a fourth-generation Italian chef with a passion for transforming local produce. We love her energy and what she is bringing into the kitchen.”
– David Moyle
Meet our incredible chef, Daniela Maiorano, a fourth-generation culinary artist hailing from Abruzzo, Italy. 'Born into the kitchen' Dani is a fourth generation Italian chef who lives and breathes food. For Daniela, the kitchen is not just a workspace; it's her canvas for creating extraordinary dishes.

Guided by a deep love for fresh, local produce, Daniela takes our kitchen team on farm visits, ensuring a genuine connection with the ingredients. In her words, "I love working with passionate producers and farmers. I love to see a beautiful vegetable in the garden and transform it into something in the kitchen, but most of all I love watching people eat my food and smiling.’

At Barrio, where local mentality prevails, Daniela's touch brings a unique authenticity. Rooted in tradition but with a penchant for experimentation, her creations redefine Mediterranean share plates with an unmistakable Italian twist. Join us for a culinary journey at Barrio, where every dish is a testament to passion, heritage, and the vibrant flavors of Daniela's kitchen mastery.

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